We use time of flight (TOF) technology for our 3D camera applications.A highly accurate people counting solution

ABOUT People Counter 3D Imaging TOF
The TOF camera determines the distance to an object based on the ‘time of flight’ of a light signal between the camera and the object. The camera system uses a modulated infrared light source in the megahertz (MHz) range, and detects the phase difference between the emitted and received light in the TOF imager. This phase shift gives direct information about the distance.
Thanks to our 3D MLI Sensor™ technology and its unique tracking and segmentation ability, the People Counter delivers you with real-time data, thereby enabling the following people counting applications:

  • Occupancy monitoring to control maximum or minimum occupancy, support evacuation measures and trigger demand-controlled ventilation (DCV) .
  • Wrong-way detection and bi-directional counting.
  • Wait time determination and queue management.
  • low monitoring.

Key Features

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The sensor does not require two cameras or speci c processing to generate 3D imaging

  • The 3D technology offers reliable data output even in challenging light or temperature conditions.
  • Data is processed by an embedded algorithm.
  • The sensor has a self-diagnosis system and performs semi-automatic calibration.

Measurement Principles

  • An active, non-scanning light source emits amplitude modulated near infrared light (NIR).
  • The sensor measures the phase difference between the emitted and reflected light.


  • People counting, single person detection and child detection for commercial and public infrastructure such as airports and banks .
  • Luggage classfication for airports and public transportation .
  • Patient surveillance for medical environments.
  • Pedestrian detection at traffic lights to optimize signal change.
  • Parcel and object detection for industrial automation.
  • Vehicle occupant classfication for smart airbag technology.

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