Video Analytics & People Counting

ABOUT RetailerIN
RetailerIN is a ground-breaking business intelligence platform, that analyses the ways customers move inside a store and provides evidence on the behaviour of each and every single customer. Collected data can then be used to improve the arrangement of products, optimise the sales process, and as such enhance revenues and profitability.

The core component of the Automatic People Counter is a 3-D stereo camera providing integrated image processing and analysis functions. It can be installed near the entrance to a building, at a height of up to six meters, and will precisely evaluate an area of up to eight meters square.

TrinisVid is a comprehensive range of IP and PC-based video products that enables system integrators and end-customers to easily find the right products to suit their requirements and to meet the demands of their organization. To ensure that TrinisVid products meet the needs of the security industry, a comprehensive series of tests is carried out on all the products covering manufacturing quality, reliability and performance under various operating conditions. All the products are soak-tested at elevated temperatures, provide shock and vibration testing, and are designed to work under more extreme environmental conditions than would normally be considered for “non-hardened” equipment.

Advantages Of Our System

  • Full Integration with leading Video Management Systems.
  • UK Home Office i-LIDS* approved.
  • Easy upgrade to future Video Analytic features.
  • Plug ‘n’ Play: works “out of the box”.
  • Tracks up to 100 targets and detection zones per camera.
  • Easy-to-use web browser setup based on simple graphical controls.
  • Easy-to-use, unique 3D grid-overlay calibration.
  • Network solution allowing remote setup, operation and support.
  • Video streaming and recording .

Highlights and Features

Our work is your identity.

Based on Advanced IVA for Counting | Export Data to CSV or Excel for further Analysis | Edge based, accessible on a wide range of cameras | 40 count lines and rules per camera | Direction, classification, exclusion areas, shadow and reflection tolerant | High performance tracker and calibration | Simple to set up, accurate to use

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