Video Content Analysis-VCA

The Intelligent Video Analytics software module embedded in a camera detects and count people, vehicles and other objects according to the counting rules specified by the user. There are a number of options as to how this information is presented:

Intelligent Video Analytics Report Manager, which resides in the cameras and is supplied free of charge with Intelligent Video Analytics software module, provides a full Excel reporting suite.

• CSV files can be exported from the camera and the data added to customer designed spreadsheets. .
• The captured metadata can be exported and integrated into a customer in-house management reporting software or integrated with specialist software used by Retailers.
• An online cloud based facility which combines counting and POS data to provide a very wide range of reports including, forexample, sales conversion rates.

Video Analytics Filters Available

  • Intrusion detection.
  • Shake cancellation.
  • Tamper detection .
  • Enter & exit filters.
  • Appear & disappear filters.
  • Stopping filter.
  • Dwell filter | Direction filter. .
  • Counting.
  • Abandoned object filter | Removed object filter. .
  • Zones & lines. | Speed filter.
  • 3D calibration.
  • Tailgating filter.
  • People tracker.
  • Colour filter & Logical rules.

Highlights and Features

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Based on Advanced IVA for Counting | Export Data to CSV or Excel for further Analysis | Edge based, accessible on a wide range of cameras | 40 count lines and rules per camera | Direction, classification, exclusion areas, shadow and reflection tolerant | High performance tracker and calibration | Simple to set up, accurate to use

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